Coaching Driven Nice Guys From Breakup to Breakthrough in 90 days


Does This Sound Like You?


You seem to have a knack for pushing or chasing women away with neediness


You have experienced deep, painful insecurity


You have experienced emotionally confusing relationships / breakups


Your relationships involved a lot of fighting & jealousy


You want to be the masculine leader in your relationships


You want to be able to position yourself in life & in relationships that feels more effortless

I Can Relate

Having personally wrecked relationship after relationship, I decided something had to change. And I did just that. I figured out what women want, how they communicate & how to navigate successfully through dating & relationships. I developed my masculine so I can now feel deep clarity & understanding of relationships.

If any of these fit your circumstance, let’s not wait. Life is too short to spend it miserable or living an average life.

The Superior Man Course (Group - $1500)

The Superior Man Course is a support system like no other. Via daily Facebook group interaction & our weekly Zoom calls*, this program gives you the tools you need to rebound your intimate life & relationships.

Whether you’ve suffered a breakup, inside a tumultuous relationship or simply trying to understand how to move forward as a single man, the Superior Man course guides you in creating an intimate life that only a small % of society will understand.

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The Superior Man Course (1v1 - $3000)

My 1v1 work has fast tracked over a dozen “broken” men, into superior men in less than 60 days. Within 60 days you will be able to consciously move on from your break up with confidence & a superior understanding of how to move forward in your future intimacies.
If you’re tired of emotional confusion, drama, & overwhelming pain inside your relationships, it’s time to act now. 

Client Success

If you are reading this because you aren't sure about the class quality, think no more. Kevin is the man, he will help you to make progress.

I am living my life purpose every day... I have faith, clarity and confidence... I am the embodiment of love and happiness... I'm not looking for it... I'm sharing it unconditionally now, to everyone... I don't care how beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid a person is... I give it all the way and that's how you treat everyone the same!

I'm so grateful that I have a coach like you Kev! This is a journey into a healthy, happy relationship turned into being a healthy, happy man regardless what's going on, and being open, strong, and ready to give in a relationship. It's a transformation brother!

How You Will Transform

Effortless Attraction

You’ll learn the knowledge & skills to attract women more effortlessly with the combination of body language, lifestyle changes & spirituality.

Rebound Faster

If you’re coming from a broken relationship or inside one — I will show you how to forgive & let go by realizing your truths & getting back to who you are. The man who attracted her in the first place.

Understand Women & Relationships

Women & relationships will no longer be a mystery to you. You will have the knowledge to create & grow meaningful relationships with beautiful women.

Let's Do This Together

Let's Go

Not ready? Email me for a free guide to rebounding your intimate life