“Love is the purpose of the feminine, not purpose and direction” David Deida – The Way of the Superior Man

“Feminine is like the ocean. Wild, full of life, sometimes even destructive. Let her be the ocean. Do not analyze her problems” David Deida – The Way of the Superior Man

Understanding that the purpose of the masculine is purpose and direction, and the purpose of the feminine is love, brings a lot into perspective. Anyone looking to pursue a romantic relationship should be well versed in these concepts.

As men, we find ourselves diving into problems with logic and reason. Especially in a work setting. Rightly so. However, if you find yourself using this kind of thought process on your woman, you’ve likely found little success. Using data or statistics to analyze your woman’s problems can get you into trouble. No amount of logic and reason is going to change the way your woman ‘feels’.

And you shouldn’t try to! Always be self-aware that you’re not attempting to fix your woman’s problems. Many times we think this is a cry for help, whereas in reality she’s really just looking for your validation and leadership.

Here are a few ways you can be more effective in your approach with your woman:

  1. Listen and validate
  2. Never argue
  3. Remember you’re a team

An argument assumes intent of swaying the other person to your point of view. Typically in a heated or angry way. A truly masculine man is not bothered by someone else having a different opinion. It does not plunge him into anger or rage.

Besides, even if you “win” the argument, you’ll lose in the relationship. Always keep things fun and positive.

Kevin Higgins

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