How To Introduce Your New Lover To Your Old Lover

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Updated: Jun 25

Should you bring up your OLD baggage in your NEW relationship?

For now, let’s just say it will or has gotten brought up. How do you respond? “My ex sucked, she was awful!”.

I wouldn’t go with that response. What does that say about YOU? It says you spent a long time with someone who sucked… who would do that? You can’t really spin that positively.

What you CAN spin positively is why you were with her for as long as you were. “She was a really special person but we eventually progressed toward different directions in our lives.” That sounds a lot better.

If you’re a more career focused person, think about ripping on your PREVIOUS employer for being a terrible company or a useless experience, while at an interview for a NEW company. See where I’m getting at?

Your PAST says a lot about your PRESENT. Get comfortable with it or don’t bring it up at all

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