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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein.

That’s how I felt after having 3 successive relationships fail miserably, insane. Don’t be alarmed, however, I got my shit together. After all, this is a success story.

I want to start by highlighting some things that contributed to my failure in my personal experience. These are obviously broad issues, but it’s important to understand where the core of the problem is before diving too deep. Here they are:

  • Misunderstanding women & feminine energy
  • Misunderstanding men & masculine energy
  • Lack of purpose and direction in my life

These 3 things lead to the following issues in my life & relationships in no particular order:

  • Arguments
  • Insecurity
  • Jealousy
  • Trust issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks

If you suffer or have suffered from any of the above problems it can be debilitating and a real drag on other aspects of your life, specifically your happiness. You also may have depression or anxiety that is unrelated to anything going on in your experience in an ongoing relationship. For me though, I suffered from multiple brief spells of anxiety and depression that was directly correlated to my relationship with the person I was dating, but more importantly, the relationship I had with myself.

There were times where I blamed the woman I was with, for the internal problems I was facing. There may have been some truth to those problems I had with her. She definitely played a role. But at some point, you have to turn things back on yourself. How long can you go in life experiencing these issues? Are jealousy, arguments & the anxiety you feel when you believe your partner is unfaithful all part of being in relationships? Good news, they don’t have to be.

I believe in accountability. It’s a value I instilled during this difficult time I faced, 3 times over, and most recently in 2017. I was no longer going to look at another breakup as if “it was just the person I was with” and “it won’t happen again”. That last one was the breaking point. I needed to determine my self worth and identify the kind of woman I wanted to be with. But first, I started by asking myself fundamental questions and reflecting deeper. I understood that this could not continue. I needed to reinvent the wheel, if you will.

Thankfully, I discovered a relationship coach named Corey Wayne who outlined several concepts in the world of dating, relationships and life. His book, 3% man, quickly answered many of my questions. I was obsessed with the material. It reached me at the perfect time, as I was deeply depressed and looking for answers. Prior to this, I had talked to friends & even seen a therapist (something I considered doing for a while) but never found answers.

The success is in the results. The past 3+ years I have enjoyed experiences with many beautiful women that otherwise would have never been possible before, due to the internal issues I was battling. Amazing dates, travel & new levels of intimacy are just a few of the results I have experienced just by immersing myself in education. A kind of intimacy you can’t and won’t reach without truly understanding women and your masculine nature.

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words exactly what I’ve learned or achieved. But I have chosen the mission of helping other men who have faced similar issues in their own life. Life is too short to go without feeling the results of true understanding and confidence.

So whether you’re having difficulty with insecurity, finding yourself arguing with women or just unsure of what is going wrong in past/present relationships — I’ve been there and I am here to help. Just know that the best thing you can do, is ask for it.

Kevin Higgins

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