Updated: Jun 27

If you’re in the dating scene, your phone can be your worst enemy. You might be under the impression or idea that women want to text you and hear from you often. This is not true. They may say that they want you to constantly contact them but that is not really what they want. And if you’ve noticed, women often say things they don’t actually mean.

Unless she’s your girlfriend, I would aim to keep texting at the minimum up until she has pursued you to the point in which she’s asking to be exclusive with you. That’s right, she should literally ask you. When you text her with lengthy conversations, getting to know her via text, you don’t allow for any mystery or curiosity.

From now on, trying using your phone as only a mechanism to set dates. Leave her wondering in between dates. Some women may see this as a lack of interest on your part and discontinue their pursuit. That’s fine, give it a week and contact them via phone call to set the next date. This method may weed out insecure or confused women who are constantly bombarded by guys they’re not interested in. This will also weed out women who are less interested in you or lack the drive or confidence to pursue a man. The idea is, when she contacts you, set the date. Build the portrayal that you are a busy person (even if you’re truly not). A confident girl will see it as a challenge to make you “theirs”.

And that’s the place you want to be — a place where girls are pursuing you. After all, you’re busy.

Kevin Higgins

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